About Art

The title is “Angel Flower Q – 3B”

Numerous flowers represent the crowd living in the digital society.
A big flower is a marginalized person in modern society.
The flying angel puzzle gives hope to those who are struggling and lonely.
In other words, Angel Puzzle is a caregiver that heals lonely people  with the love of Jesus.
I want you to receive positive energy through my paintings.

I created an angel puzzle design, which was inspired by snow angels. My youngest son is autistic. He likes to run on the snow and make snow angels whenever it snows.

USAF Military Family Life

Mixed Media (30″ x 40″ x 1.5″) 2022

My husband retired after serving 20 years in the US Air Force as a lieutenant colonel. ( USAF jets are flying in the sky.)
He also went on deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as a doctor.
He is a Caregiver (Angel Puzzle) who treats wounded soldiers (Water Drop, Marble – Hyperrealism)on the battlefield . My family moved from place to place whenever my husband received orders from the Air Force.
CA – MD (Black-eyed Susan.) – FL ( Orange Blossom.) – CA ( California Poppy.) – NC (Flowering Dogwood.) – GERMANY – TX ( Texas Bluebonnet.)
(The typeface was applied as a collage technique in the work.)
I painted the houses my family lived in and the flowers of each state.
And the Texas boots were designed in the shape of a vase, and points were given to the boots with a map of the United States along with Hawaii, and each area where my family lived was marked with crystals.
The green leaf on the vase is a heart (the love of Jesus) design.
As our family goes wherever we go, guided by the Lord, the golden angel puzzles fly in rows and reach the cross.

Victory Over COVID-19, One Day

Mixed Media (30″ x 40″ x 1.5″) 2020

Covid floats in the air.
Heaven’s door opens and the light of the Holy Spirit shines brightly from the cross of angel puzzles.
Finally, the light of the Holy Spirit destroys the Covid virus.
The sharp points from the light of the Holy Spirit punctures the virus. The virus is blown apart.
The virus pieces are sucked into a black hole that is surrounded by penrose stairs.
The steps on the penrose stairs have the words “COVID” and “Corona vaccine” and “Jesus” on them in different languages.
Covid comes out after being sucked into a maze of black holes in a garbage can in Texas.
As the whole world passes through the road of the crucifixion of suffering Jesus, the Covid vaccine is created and saves many people.
Covid infected people are symbolized by silver beads, drops of water, and marble. The angel puzzles scattered throughout are caregivers who take care of patients with the love of the Lord.
Many lives have been lost due to Covid recorded in the page of human history, has spread all over the world.
Many of the corpses carried by New York’s corpse freezers were buried in a cemetery on Hart Island. Angels lead souls to the stairway to heaven and rest in a beautiful heaven without pain.
In times of hardship and adversity, we must overcome together, helping each other with the hope of a bright future.
May you have peace of mind in the Lord while admiring Victory over COVID-19.

New Orleans

Mixed Media (30″ x 40″ x 1.5″) 2020

The Louisiana hot pepper sauce bottle expresses the cat’s body, the mask depicts the cat’s eyes, and the feathers are a technique that embodies inanimate objects with its tail.
The motif of the Mardi Gras Celebration is a crown hat, a trumpet (a sad jazz note comes out of the trumpet), an umbrella, a beads necklace, and a Louisiana Iris drawn in an oriental style, and my autograph is in the red box.
The table cover on which the bottle is placed is expressed in a Cemetery design, and St. Louis Cathedral and buildings are painted in pop art style, and the reflection of the Mississippi River is abstract expressionism. Tiny paints scattered over the sky are action painting modern art style.
The cross 3 in the bottle is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and the light of the cross illuminates the darkness.


Mixed Media (30″ x 40″ x 1.5″) 2019

The motives of the work, France, are masks, ribbons and feathers, and owls, and the painting technique in which the side and front views of the vase intersect is in the style of Cubism.
The water droplets in the vase are the tears of owls and are painted with hyper-realistic techniques.
On the rock of Saint Michael’s Mount, I drew the design of the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of France, and depicted the reflection in the water with abstract expressionism. You can also see kayaks, French flags and crosses.
The design of the table cover expresses a building in the center of Paris from the perspective of a bird’s eye view. In addition, each space where a building meets another dot signifies the digital internet culture in modern society.
It is a message that angel puzzles visit lonely souls (drops of water) in the crowd and heal them with the love of the Lord

Lady Bird Lake 1

Acrylic (48″ x 24″ x 1.5″) 2017

I created a series of works based on canoeing in the Lady Bird Lake. The light of the Austin skyline is reflected on the lake combines various techniques of modern art. It was transformed into various colors by different textures.

Angel Flower Q – 1, 2

Acrylic (20″ x 20″ x 1.5″) x 2, 2014

Numerous blossoms and stripes in the paintings represent a solitary crowd pouring into our digital society, and the angel puzzles scattered all over the place are those who perform the love of Jesus Christ to under privileged people represented as silver beads. Everyone who admires the paintings is hoping that each person’s heart will be healed by true love.

I painted in a semi-abstract style, combining still-life and landscape. Small flowers are painted like action painting on modern art style, some flowers are painted like impressionism. Water drop, iron ball, marble are painted realistically. The house was painted in a pop-art style and the water reflection is painted in an abstract expressionism style. I blended many art styles onto a single canvas.