Sook Kyoung Jeoung is diligent, friendly, obedient, conscientious, and creative. She is very good at oil painting and her art style has reached a higher standard.
In Goo Kim (Former advisor to the chairman of the Samsung Group, Korea)

To view the paintings of Sook Kyoung Kim is to witness the creative process in action. During the years in which I have known Mrs. Kim as a member of the Gaithersburg Fine Arts Association, she has enthusiastically participated in all of our projects. It seems as though she lives to be an artist. Despite her busy hours as attentive wife and mother she makes time to diligently pursue her love of art. These beautiful canvases reflect the work of a very special person as well as an astute artist.
Howard Cohen (President of Gaithersburg Fine Art Association, Maryland)

It is my great pleasure to give my highest recommendation to Sook Kyoung Kim as both a person and as a student. In my 24 years as a college/university professor I would rank Sook Kyoung Kim in the top 3% of all art majors I have taught. Sook Kyoung Kim is intelligent, hard working, creative, talented, and personable. Whenever the art department needed help with art shows, set designs, etc. Sook Kyoung always made herself available. As an art major Sook Kyoung Kim’s art work is of the highest quality. Sook Kyoung Kim is active as an artist and has won numerous awards in juried art competitions.
E. Clark Mester Jr. (Professor of Bowie State University, Maryland)

Sook Kyoung Kim demonstrates respectable design instincts and training. She is never satisfied with first attempts, but presses on, in search of higher level solutions. Her high standards, her work ethics, and her persistence despite challenges, have earned my deepest respect. Sook Kyoung Kim’s personal qualities are exemplary. She is prepared and confident, yet humble, exceptionally considerate, and appreciates even the slightest favor. While she demands much of herself, she demonstrates great compassion for others. Sook Kyoung Kim engages in reflective thought, perceives nuances, and expresses higher order ideas. Moreover, in her writing, Sook Kyoung Kim demonstrates a poet’s sensitivity. Sook Kyoung Kim’s combined strengths of preparation and cooperative spirit make her desirable in whatever capacity she chooses to engage them.
Judith C. Falls (Professor of Bowie State University, Maryland)

In the capacity of Professor of Art and Art Education, I have the pleasure of working with Kristin Sue Kim for three semesters at North Carolina Wesleyan College. Kristin Kim comes from an artistic family from Korea and her commitment to being an artist originated at a young age. Kristin Kim has proven readiness to promote herself as an artist; this shows confidence and motivation. She willingly makes presentations about her work and her life in an effort to educate her respective public and potential clients.
Everett Mayo Adelman (Professor of North Carolina Wesleyan College, North Carolina)

Kristin Kim was our one and only fine art instructor and she brought many smiles to our customers and personnel alike. Her dedication to providing students with the most valuable skills was something that we were sorely lacking for so many years.
Bob Rosinbum (Director, Skills Development Center, Spangdahlem Air Force Base, Germany)

Kristin Kim joined Arts & Crafts, Lackland Air Force Base with outstanding customer service and demonstrates an incredible initiative and a strong dedication to her work. Her class is very inspiring and motivating, reflecting a double increase of the students attending her class. Kristin Kim is very creative and talented in her work. She exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to the class she is facilitating.
Jean Garcia (Director, Arts & Crafts Center, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas)

Kristin Kim is a lovely, talented, creative and a very personable artist. I noticed a very strong work ethic. She is creative in her use of the charcoal and has a very personal touch with it.
Louis Mar (Art Director of Coppini Academy of Fine Arts, Texas)

Kristin Kim has been a valuable contributor to the Library Gallery Program at the Henry A. Guerra, Jr. Branch in San Antonio, Texas since 2010, shortly after I became manager. She showed a genuine interest in both the personal and public faces of art. As a creative artist, she discussed and lent her works in oil, oil and acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. She always took to discuss with library staff and patrons the personal and cultural foundations of her art. As someone of Korean heritage who has lived in several other countries, most recently Texas, she demonstrated a deep appreciation of the way that art can bridge between cultures and persons. She and I worked together to select artwork for two six month shows at the branch. She also shared her interests and talents and our library friends group. As she prepares to relocate, she has very generously donated a number of her works to our permanent collection which will be on display. Our library community is indeed fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know Kristin Kim and enjoy her art.
Dexter Katzman (Branch Manager, Henry A. Guerra Jr. Branch Library, Texas)

The following are my thoughts about your art work. First of all, I see that your paintings have beautiful compositions. I looked at all the paintings and saw how there is a circular composition in each of them. My eye follows around the edge of the paintings and the imagery always leads me to stay within the painting. That is mastery of art. Second, I like the dream-like quality of your paintings. This makes them compelling. Third, I really like the painting with Austin in the background. It captures a magical mystique of Austin. You capture the spirit of Austin. Fourth, I love your use of vibrant colors. It is like the colors that must be in heaven. God has blessed you with an amazing artistic talent, Kristin. Thank you for sharing your art with the world. You express beauty with the Spirit of God in you.
Anthony Petrucci (Writer)

We have had the pleasure of knowing Kristine Sue Kim and enjoying her artwork for numerous years. Learning about her creative process and the meaning within each piece she creates is a fascinating conversation. Her artwork has appeared in countless group and solo exhibitions in Round Rock over the years. As part of our Round Rock City Council Chambers Gallery exhibit series in Round Rock City Hall, we worked with her to present a solo exhibition of her art.
In addition to her creative spirit, she is also a generous one, having gifted works of art to the City of Round Rock that have appeared on display in our local library and other public facilities. A supportive member of our arts community at large, she has also generously donated works to nonprofit organizations when they’ve sought out art for fundraising causes.
Most recently, her joyous artwork “Flower Quilt 3B” was selected to be enlarged into a canvas mural for the new Round Rock Public Library building. This artwork will appear in the main lobby of the building as a welcoming and inspiring artwork.
Kristin Kim is a valued member of the Round Rock arts and culture community. We thank her for sharing her creativity and kindness.

Scot S. Wilkinson (City of Round Rock, Director for Arts and Culture)
Christina Rudofsky (City of Round Rock, Associate for Arts and Culture)